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Sens.ùs MAN is an AMMONIA FREE permanent oxidation coloring gel, specially formulated for men’s hair. Enriched with TAURINE.

It is an ultra-quick color treatment that covers gray hair and reduces and controls unwanted tones in just a couple of minutes. Color reduction is gradual and controlled, wash after wash, for a natural look with no color change or regrowth effect.

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TECHNOLOGY: The gel base is formulated with innovative polymers and no greasy substances, so the colored pigments are taken up more effectively, remaining faithful to the natural shade. The technology offers a large number of different tones and varieties of gray with just 4 shades, increasing shine and strengthening the fiber after application. The color service, associated with the choice of the color phases, is an
elegant, discreet alternative for men who want to enhance their appearance, stand out from the crowd and try an alternative to conventional, traditional coloring techniques.

RESULTS: Hair has renewed strength for a fresher, more youthful look. The result is highly discreet, clean and natural-looking over time.

DURATION: the effect lasts up to 4 weeks, depending on how often the hair is washed.

SENSUS MAN from Sens.ùs on Vimeo.

SENSUS MAN balaustra from Sens.ùs on Vimeo.

SENSUS MAN SPECCHI from Sens.ùs on Vimeo.

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