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Lux Cream Activator


Lux Activator is a special stabilized oxidizing cream, enriched with innovative active principles such as Luminescine®, plant-based keratin and Argan Oil. It is easy to mix and its special cream consistency has a healing, restructuring and soothing effect on hair, delivering exceptional cosmeticity when coloring or bleaching. Its special rich, soft texture enhances the performance of the technical coloring or bleaching product it is mixed with, making application easy and uniform. Available in the following formulations: 10 (3%) /20 (6%) /30 (9%) /40 (12%) vol.

Directions: mix with coloring/bleaching technical products respecting the recommended mixing ratio. Leave in for the development times recommended for each individual service until the desired result is achieved.

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10, 20, 30, 40

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