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Cream Activator 1000ml

A innovative cream oxidant which has been formulated to work in synergy with Sens.ùs hair colour dyes, for the best performance of the colour creams. Formulated with the same principles of technology and protection qualities as the Sensus hair colour dyes.

10 volume (3%): Offers no lift and is used to deposit or enhance own natural hair colour. Ideal to use when introducing the hair to its first hair colour and for grey hair which is harder to colour than usual.

20 volume (6%): Offers lift up to 2 levels. A standard cream used to achieve most results and for total grey hair coverage.

30 volume (9%): Offers lift up to 3 levels. Used for additional lift.

40 volume (12%): Offers lift up to 5 levels. Used with most hi-lift colours (blondes) to provide maximum lift in 1 step colour service.

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