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health, beauty, wellbeing, love of oneself and the respect of all ones’ surroundings

At SENSUS Australia we are passionate about our products. They are made in the beautiful Tiber valley in Tuscany, Italy, an environment of beauty and balance, which is reflected in the way we make our SENSUS products. The filtered water we use is recycled and is put back in the Tiber River even cleaner than when originally taken. Once made our products are then stored and surrounded by the sweet sounds and harmony of classical music.

SENSUS products are the result of our commitment to an innovative philosophy towards work and services, for a clientele who appreciate health and beauty, wellbeing, love of oneself and the respect of all ones’ surroundings, especially the environment. They are the result of combining a commercial philosophy, where honesty and integrity reign supreme and a research and development team who are committed to always looking to be one step ahead of new trends and standards.

Our passionate team are consistently developing and improving products by sourcing only the very best ingredients. So It’s no surprise that our award winning products are held in such high esteem.

 As close to nature as possible, while not tested on animals – only tested on friendly Italian heads!

Sensus Hair Australia

Registered office: Suite 101/118 Great North Road, Five Dock

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